The Origins of Racism in America From Slavery to the Foundation

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This site was created for the Great Works Symposium winter 2008-2009 course at Drexel University on Civil Rights.

Since our class was on civil rights, we decided to trace back the origins of racism in America -- and we wanted to delve into the foundations of what created the need for so many movements by those who have had their rights taken away.  

 We decided that the time period from before slavery to the foundation of the country would be suitable for an explanation of the creation of racism, especially since this time period included the creation of racist laws in America.  

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To navigate the site, you can click on the links at the top of the page.  They go through different time periods, covered by each member of the group.


 Chuck Longen covers the background of slavery, before it made its way to America.

 Stacy Litz describes the transition from indentured servatude to slavery.

Danielle Martin explains the many ways that slaves showed resistance.  

Tyler Frazier analyzes the founders' reaction to slavery in regards to the establishment of the country.

Abhishek Sengupta pulls it all together by covering some key laws that promote racist ideas in America.